Equine Photography Workshops - RM

Workshop November 2019



Exchanging knowledge and creating images who inspire people around the World since 2005.

Raphael Macek developed those Equine Photography Workshops bringing the experience and knowledge he have gained from his own personal journey and professional experience of more than 15 years. Each year, Raphael host a number of workshops worldwide, each one with it’s own unique content teaching different techniques along of the most beautiful Horse breeds in the World. All the participants has the opportunity to be side by side with Raphael sharing they creative look, inspirations and emotions true the camera. 

The workshop attendee numbers are small and exclusive, which means we have time to focus on individuals and cater to every photographer’s needs; whether you are an amateur, an professional or even specialize in an entirely different field of photography altogether. We are sure that after this days you will leave with new ideas, knowledge and most of all, inspiration and guidance to put into your own practice, career and business...

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